Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Post Tsunami programme

Today vincent went to give a training programme for Tsunami affected children in Ambalangoda. Ambalnagoda is in Galle District.

Sunday, January 22, 2006

A Protest Campaign, March and Meeting against the war!

A Protest Campaign, March and Meeting against the war was launched at Lipton Circle Colombo by the National Fisheries Solidarity (NAFSO) in collaboration with The Alliance for the protection of National Resources and Human Rights on 12 January2006.

Approximately 1000 protesters participated to the campaign.

Negombo United Peoples Organization (NUPO) affiliated to Janawaboda Kendraya (JK) provided an active participation. 50 members participated. The People’s Cultural Collective (PCC) of the Communication and Cultural section of Janawaboda Kendraya extended its fullest support with Street dramas and Street Songs.

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Thursday, December 15, 2005

Media Discussion

Thursday, December 08, 2005

Workshop for Leaders of National Assembly Tsunami Survivors

25th to 27th November

The Background to the Workshop.

‘The Tsunami survivors are now an almost a forgotten factor’ according to the participants of a leadership training workshop for the leaders of the National Assembly Tsunami Survivors, held from the 25th to 27th November at the centre of national cooperative societies at Negombo. The programme was conducted by Janawaboda Kendraya.

The decision to have this training programme was taken at the second meeting of the representatives of the Tsunami survivors held at the conference hall of the CHA office at Rosemead Place on the 22nd of Oct.

The leaders of the National Assembly Tsunami Survivors felt the need for such a training program because of the huge task which lies before them because those agents of reconstruction are little by little withdrawing their services from the survivors. The government itself seems to have other interests such as the construction of Mega Cities and Express High Ways to reach them. In such a background, a trained leadership is a must so that the survivors themselves may be able to mark out a strategy to secure their rights and plan out their destiny.
About 45 leaders (30 women and 15 men) from 8 districts: Trincomalee, Batticaloa, Amparai, Hambantota, Galle, Matara, Colombo, Gampaha, participated in this workshop.

The Content of the Programme:
Social awareness.
Social Relationships.
Development of Leadership skills.

The Issues Emerged during the Workshop:
There is no proper distribution of relief even at this stage. The distribution of houses is not done in a proper way. The standard of quality of those houses is very poor. There have been instances where they have collapsed before they were occupied.
The issues of the Tsunami survivors according to the participants are now forgotten by most quarters, such as the politicians, government servants, NGOS and INGOS. As a result, health, nutrition and sanitary problems are now emerging.
In such a background, the survivors are now increasingly realizing the need to be organized in order to secure their rights. It should happen at different levels: camps level, district and national level.
There is also a need to seek support of solidarity from the clergy, lawyers and leaders of civil society.
Most of the affected people were already suffering poverty even before the Tsunami hit them. Now their situation is worsened. As a result of Tsunami a new group of poor people has joined them. Both groups have to struggle together.
The unity among the Sinhalese, Tamils, Muslims, Buddhists, Christians Hindus and Islamic are working together.

Our Thanks.
If not for the help that came from several organizations, we would not have made this programme a success. A major component of financial support was given to us by the Relief and Rehabilitation Desk of the Diocese of Colombo. The others who supported us were People’s Planning Commission, Devasarana Development Centre, NAFSO and Seth Sarana. We are ever thankful to them.
The Future Activities in 2005.
There are several meetings fixed up for December. The purpose of these district meetings is to develop and strengthen the leadership. It is expected that Janawaboda Kendraya will be present at these meetings for animation.

Vincent Bulathsinghala
Administrative Secretary
Janawaboda Kendraya

While engaged in resisting the imperialist invasions of the poor countries through the process of globalization together with other organizations, JK is also building alternatives. For instance, its members are involved in a number of eco-agricultural activities in the district of Gampaha and Puttalam as a concrete and political form of opposing globalization and building alternatives at the same time. Also, in view of the same end, it has taken a great interest in the formation and development of the National Alliance for the Protection of Natural Resources and Human Rights, which is the national network in Sri Lanka committed against government’s attempts to privatization of national resources.

It is our firm view that the problems that people suffer today are mostly due to globalization processes unleashed by the world elite through its trade policies and mechanisms of domination. In such a situation, there is no other way out than struggling at local, district and national levels together with the brothers and sisters all over the world.

In order to strengthen that world struggle of the marginalized people, we as Janawaboda Kendraya think it is good that we join them in person whenever possible. In the year 2004, a few of us participated at such an occasion in Bombay and that was an unforgettable experience for us.

During the previous Social Forums, we observed that the poor and oppressed were able to pass on the message through various communication methods. The media group at Janawaboda Kendraya too has developed various methods such as street drama, puppetry and songs and dancing and so on to communicate the message of the poor to the outside world.

Therefore we would be very thankful to you if funds could be found to send 10 delegates from Janawaboda Kendraya including this particular media group, a few members of the animators from Janawaboda Kendraya and leaders from Negombo United People’s Organizations for the Asian Social Forum to be held in Pakistan.

This unique experience at the Social Forum we believe will deepen their convictions and commitment in building another world.